How it works

By submitting your music for distribution and other services through Cats on Amps DigiDistro, you (the Artist) certify that you own or control the master recordings and the copyrights vested therein or have secured the necessary licenses. Cats on Amps DigiDistro is held free from any responsibility from claims made with regard to content you are submitting.

All revenues collected with relation to your distributed music shall be disbursed on a quarterly basis, less a 5% fee to Cats on Amps DigiDistro. Our partner network is affiliated with Sony Music and keeps 20% of gross revenues received by digital retailers, so artist’s net receipts are 75% of revenues collected. Reporting is provided monthly beginning 90 days from the release date.

Synchronization licensing revenues are divided equally (50/50 split) between you and CoA DigiDistro minus any applicable fees. Any synch opportunities will be presented to artist, who will have the final decision on whether to proceed.

You may request the cancellation of services through CoA DigiDistro at any point beyond 90 days after the official release date and a takedown will be issued to all digital retail outlets (please allow 30 days for removal). There is no fee for cancellation of services, but no refunds will be made on any portion of payments or service fees.  

Cats on Amps DigiDistro may decline to work with an artist for any reason, including insufficient capacity or high volume interfering with the desired release date. In the event that a project is declined, all applicable payments submitted will be refunded.