DigiDistro Combo (Digital Distribution)

DigiDistro Combo (Digital Distribution)


DigiDistro Combo (Digital Distribution) includes the following for your release:

  • Worldwide digital distribution for your full length release via all major download and streaming platforms in all territories at a pre-selected release date

  • Airplay rotation via online radio streaming platform (merhqradio.net) and Apple iTunes and App Store

  • Synch licensing representation on a non-exclusive basis (artist’s music may be considered for TV, film, and video game synchronization opportunities as available without restriction)

  • Promotion via on affiliated social media accounts

  • Artist rights management (assistance in collection publishing royalties, guidance on establishing rights organization membership, etc.)

Submit Payment

To select DigiDistro Combo and upload your assets, click submit payment above.  Be prepared to provide the following for upload with your submission or select to file transfer your assets at a later date:

  • Mastered WAV files of each track labeled with song title and artist name
  • Mastered MP3 files of each track labeled with song title and artist name
  • Optional:  instrumental versions and stem versions of above as WAV and MP3 files (encouraged!)
  • Release cover art:  3000 x 3000 pixel size at 300 dpi resolution
  • Release cover art:  1600 x 1600 pixel size at 96 dpi resolution
  • Optional:  Liner notes
  • Brief artist bio including names of all members
  • Optional:  Professional artist photos at 300 dpi resolution (required for Tiers 2 through 4)
  • Notable marketing drivers such as affiliations with recognizable bands/artists, previous release history, previous or forthcoming high profile press coverage, forthcoming tour dates or festival appearances, social media accounts with large followings, etc.
  • Desired release date (always Fridays; consult with us for assistance with choosing a date)
  • Info on release plans on other formats
  • Bandcamp URL if available (we can assist if not)
  • Optional:  Indicate if consideration to be a Cats on Amps Records catalog title is desired